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Green London
Wall Concept

Re-imagine a wall and its gates that protected the City of London for 1700 years, as the City of London seeks to help protect the planet for the next millennia…​

The London Wall

It could provide the City of London with an exciting, world class green infrastructure project of international significance and interest.

It would be developed in three phrases.

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Phase 1: 
The Green Gates

An international arts competition would be held to install ‘green gates’ installations at or near the site of the original 7 gates of the City of London.  Each site would draw on a different theme for artistic inspiration.  There would be new competitions for each gate on a rotating basis every 3 years – forming a new arts event of international significance.​

Phase 2: 
The Street and Spaces

There would be a rapid transformation of some of the currently congested, polluted and unfriendly streets along the route of the old London wall with quick wins, such as ‘green lampposts’ currently being trialed in Westminster. Opportunities for more substantive street and space interventions would be developed and deployed. For instance, installations curated by artists and the London community.

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Phase 3: 
The Buildings

We would work with owners of buildings along the route of the old city wall to establish green infrastructure on those buildings.

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