Resourceful Futures:

Accelerating decarbonisation, protecting resources, securing sustainable futures

We work with those who want to achieve practical results in the energy and resource transition

Our Mission

We need to rapidly scale up and accelerate decarbonisation and resource protection programmes. 

Resourceful Futures works with projects across the UK and globally to achieve this step-change in activity.  We provide teams to public and private led acceleration projects.  We also promote and develop in-house exciting new projects to achieve sustainability goals.

What we do

Professional and Management Teams

We have an extensive network of professionals and experts and bring them together to provide you with teams to deliver your energy and resource transition projects

Direct Advice and Project Development

Our core team works with Governments, public bodies, companies and projects to deliver multi-disciplinary structuring advice 


We develop exciting projects in-house. We concentrate on projects that break new ground, delivering cutting edge sustainability led ideas, often working in collaboration with organisations across the globe

Did you know?

The earth's atmosphere ends and outer space begins just 62 miles above the earth.  About  the distance from London to Brighton.  All our emissions are dispersed into than relatively tiny greenhouse.

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